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What relaxed joy of life creation lies beyond boredom?

Boredom is sneaky…

It can show up as fatigue, exhaustion, low interest and feeling blah.

It can also show up as overwhelm, frenetic busy-ness and the need to do-do-do!

What if there was a space beyond boredom and the ups and downs in your energy levels, interest and follow through?

One where you were able to be relaxed, present, highly engaged and enlivened with the possibilities that lay at your fingertips?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • The two extreme energies of boredom and how they impact your health and happiness
  • Two exercises to un-do your habitual patterning around these two extremes
  • Daily engagement tips to keep you moving forward on your quest for what’s next
  • A yummy energy of RELAXED JOY and how to create and embody it in all aspects of your life

Check out BLAZE the 3-week exploration as talked about on the show here:  https://www.laurenpolly.com/quiz-landing-page/

Part 3 of the What’s Next Series

What if creation didn’t have to be hard work?

And what if there was a way you could use your resources – energy, time, finances & skill sets – to make your path easier and faster than you thought was possible?

The road forward is rarely looked at as an easy one.

It can be full of disappointments, self-doubt, starts & stops, hard work with little yield or a whole host of other lack luster ways we want to be spending our time.

In my awareness this is mainly an issue with our resources – where, when, how and how much we use them – on the road to creation. 

If we UNDER apply our resources then the possibilities we are aware of never get to grow and bear fruit.  Self-doubt creeps in as we are aware of so much – and can taste what’s coming! – yet it never seems to be…

If we OVER spend them then we get tired, have money woes, work harder then we need to and take the LONG way to having it in our life. 

We begin to doubt ourselves when our dreams don’t match the reality being created or when our actions and hard work don’t yield results. 

What if there were a different way?

Whether you tend to overwork and overspend your resources in the ether of fantasy land or in the day to day grind – what else is possible if you were able to be strategic, elegant and efficient instead?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to stop overworking, reacting to your environment, living in fantasy land, unconsciously seeking the hard path and so much more
  • An awareness exercise on where & how you may be over spending your resources
  • How to make your work ethic work for you, not against you
  • The power of delegating and receiving support
  • How to develop and grow the capacity to have what you are asking for
  • 2 of the 6 archetypes: The Dreamer & The Underdog and how these icons can help you use your resources to your advantage!
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Are you brave enough to step outside your comfort zone?

Part 2 in the What’s Next Series

We all have our comfort zones…

Some of us love to color inside the lines while others take pride in being outside of them.

We tend to take either side and dig our heels in.

Either playing in the bounds of what we have been told and shown we can achieve – living the good life and being scared of risking it if we move a bit to the left.

Or being so invested in bucking the norm that we create our own constraints by resisting everything and everyone around us.

But there is magic when you allow those lines to blur.  A rare creative power unfolds when all is included and seen as a useful commodity in your life.    

When you step out of the box of what you know -

And when you melt the walls around the things you have been resisting –

Creating what’s next for you has so many more possibilities then before.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 2 mindsets that have our creative power working against us – not for us
  • Simple to use courage boosters for stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Exercise to get your creative juices flowing – along with the hut-spa to act on it! 
  • 2 of the 6 trailblazer archetypes: The CEO and The Misfit and how these icons can help set your creativity free

Take the Trailblazer Archetype Quiz to discover your primary archetype and receive free goodies on how to use your innate strengths to create what’s next for you!

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Part 1 in the "What’s Next for You" 3-Part Series

Are you wondering what’s next for you? And what more life has to offer?

As a trailblazer, you may be curious about how to expand your life - whether with your work, creative projects, relationships or self-development.

But you may be unsure about what that expansion looks like and what your first steps can be.

Your quest for outward success and inner fulfillment may be full of starts and stops, long periods with no movement or lots of action with minimal results.

There is an easier way forward…

The exploration of what’s next is a powerful one to get you moving and grooving in life.

And it’s even more fun and fulfilling when you are equipped with self-awareness; knowing how you function, what strengths you have and how to use them to their upmost potential. 

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 2 of the 6 Trailblazer archetypes, the Reluctant Hero and Wonder Woman, and how you can use their strengths to super-charge your path ahead
  • How to reclaim your super power of caring without seeking the approval of others, trying to drag them along for the ride or choosing between what works for you and what works for them
  • How to reclaim your super power of knowing without the tunnel vision, burn-out and “I’m here to save the day!” dynamic that cuts out much needed support and broader perspectives
  • Questions to take you out of either / or choosing
  • A-ha’s to remove self-doubt, judgment and the lack of clarity that clouds your path forward

Take the Trailblazer Archetype Quiz to discover your primary archetype and receive free goodies on how to use your innate strengths to create what's next for you!  https://laurenpolly.com/quiz

Gossip is insidious in our culture.

We’ve all been on every side of it.

Been the one spreading the story.

Been the subject of the story.

And been the one listening to the story.  Either desiring desperately to change the conversation but unsure of how to go about it.  Or feeding the energy of it with our silence. 

When you peel back the layers of the gossip phenomenon, you’ll see some shocking truths that make it infinitely easier to deal with.

Under the surface there are multiple tactics at play.  It’s the lack of clarity about them that allows us to get stuck in the cross-fire. 

How do you out-create gossip?  Let’s find out!

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • The 3 sides of the gossip dynamic – clarity of these will set you free from the gossip effect for good!
  • How to spot the control tactics and power plays
  • How solidifying the stories you hear can kill relationships as well as personal evolution
  • #1 way to flip the power in these circumstances
  • How to turn the conversation to something more generative without creating a fight in the process


When you get overstimulated; what do you do and where do you go to find peace?

So often we think we need to run away and hide from the noise of life.

Vacations, time outs and basic relaxation tools are helpful but there are times when you can’t get away and need to reclaim a sense of peace for yourself.

It’s a noisy world we live in… 

Between the constant external stimuli, “interesting” people we deal with and the psychic / energetic static – those emotional currants that ripple off of other people and into you – this world can be a lot to take sometimes.

It can make you want to run for the hills or find a cave to hide in – I had that desire this morning!

But what if there was a way to reclaim your space, peace and ease no matter what circumstances you found yourself in?

It is possible and can be readily achieved if you know how to create it practically and energetically.

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • An energetic exercise to combat over-stimulation
  • A powerful imagery tool to flip your reaction to stress, pushy people and loud environments
  • My go-to question to cultivate a sense of space in my life
  • A-ha’s on psychic / energetic noise – we are more aware then we think we are!
  • How to not let other’s choices impact your sense of peace, ease and possibilities

What if there was a simpler way to create a life you love?

A life where:

The hustle of working to live was unnecessary.

The hard work to get from point A to point B was obsolete.

The automatic stress of getting through your to-do list was a thing of the past.

A way of living where you could relax into the moment to enjoy the journey more.

And a greater destination was created in the process.

I’ve had some powerful a-ha’s along this topic lately that I’d love to share…

From everything to money creation, business connections, personal relationships and self-love

This simple perspective shift and tool can change your life dynamically with ease. 

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to break the work first, play later paradigm
  • #1 trick to get a higher return on your invested resources
  • Practical tips on creating long-term success from the day to day simplicity
  • How to use the baser building blocks of your life – energy and space – to live with more ease

Connect with Lauren for a 1:1 strategy session here: https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

What if there was a simple way to reclaim your physical, emotional and creative energy?   

Do you go through ups and downs with your energy levels?

If you’re like the rest of us you may -

Have periods where your creative juices are flowing and your follow through is awesome.

When the call of adventure comes, you have more than enough pep in your step to say YES!

Times when your body feels powerful, supported and energized.

But you may also experience downturns in your energy too…

When the 1000% you were running on seems to disappear.

Your ideas go quiet, motivation dries up, your body need a lot of down-time and you may pull back from the enjoyment factor in life.

What if the ups and downs weren’t wrong?  And you weren’t wrong for experiencing them? 

(HINT #1 to change this – stop judging it!!!!!)

And what if there was a simple way to ramp up and reclaim your energy when you are in a downward turn to get you moving and grooving again?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to remove self-judgment when your energy depletes
  • Easy tricks to re-enliven your creative spark and joy in living
  • How to stop being distracted – and depleted! – by external noise
  • A simple daily practice to tune into you before you express out – a key trick in reclaiming your energy for YOU and your life creation

This convo plays amazingly as a part 2 to last week’s episode on Breaking Habits for lasting change and forward momentum – go here if you missed that episode: http://www.thelightenuppodcast.com/155-breaking-habits/

To meet with Lauren for a 1:1 visit here:  https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

How do you make real, true and sustainable change in your life?

Are you seeking something different?

Whether you are consciously seeking to make your life better,

Taking steps to make it be so,

Or playing with possibilities in the ethers of fantasy land,

You know there is more possible to have, be, do and enjoy in life.

You may get a bit stuck, though, in bridging the gap between asking for this and being able to have it. 

You can sense the possibility, sometimes in a very clear way,

Yet the path to it is full of starts / stops and is harder work then you’d probably like it to be.

Why is that?

One of the main roadblocks is the pull of our ingrained patterns, daily routines and habits.

Creating something new in your life is hard when you spend most of your time engaging with the old.

It’s crazy-making to think things will change without taking action to make it be so!

After all, the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

Dreaming and asking for better is great but if you aren’t being or doing something different that “better” may never come to be. 

Luckily there are amazing tools called pattern interrupts.

They are magic for opening doors to new possibilities and giving you the space to walk through them. 

What gets created when you consciously and continuously interrupt your patterns?

Forward movement, actualized wishes and changing your life course with ease…

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • How to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality
  • 3 powerful pattern-interrupt tools to break your habits once and for all
  • How to hear the whispers of possibility you may be ignoring – and act on them!
  • Why you may be getting mixed results in your life creation – and how to change it

To meet with Lauren for a 1:1 visit here:  https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

Over-givers of the world – what else is possible?!

If you are a people person:

- caregiver, healer, teacher, helper or at all interested in making other people’s lives greater –

This is a must have conversation for you!

It’s one I have had to work myself through – many times over – and one that I rejoice in having with all my people-loving coaching clients.

How do you give without exhausting yourself and creating overwhelm in the receiver?

How can a lighter touch in your interactions lead to greater for all involved?

And, most importantly:

How can you reclaim your capacity for generosity and caring without the superiority of fixing or trying to change things for others?

Whether you are in a profession or have a life that is people focused

– or are simply looking for more ease in how to be in relation to others –

the profound trick I share in this episode is a game-changer! 

(It saved me from having to quit my hospital gig YEARS ago by allowing me to fill up as I poured out...  I got happier and my clients motivated themselves into more change - better results for all!)

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • #1 exhaust-er creator in relationships – both personal and professional – and how to change it
  • Simple trick to prevent overwhelm in your relationship partners and exhaustion in yourself – all in one fell swoop
  • How to garner self-care while you give –  aka filling up as you pour out
  • Relationship / interaction equalizer to break your over-giving pattern
  • “Light touch” technique to allow what you give to be received with ease

Connect with Lauren for a 1:1 on this topic here:  https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

What could the planet and your body teach you about living?

Nature is an amazing teacher.

It’s honest, raw, unapologetic, intense and downright fierce at times.

It’s also beautiful, peaceful, generative and thrumming with aliveness.

It’s fully aware of the interesting state of the human world and bears witness to it all - with no judgment.

Most of us are seeking a life experience that is lighter, supported, connected and more expansive.

We look to our relationship with self – and others – to bring about this change.

It’s a necessary conversation but I’d like to add one more…

The relationship you have with the planet – and your physical body by extension – make up a huge part of the energies you experience in your day to day.

Just as your energetic bandwidth may be less then ideal if you are in tumultuous relationships or stuck in self-hatred.

If your relationship to your body and the planet is not acknowledged, judgmental or numb then that will have ripple effects on how you see and experience the world. 

Looking deeper into creating a life that is yummy for you to live and embody doesn’t start and end with the people conversation…

Including your body and using the planet as a teacher can contribute greatly to your sense of peace, possibilities and joyful aliveness.

If you aren’t including it – then you are missing out on something special!

In celebration of earth day; tune into this week’s podcast episode to discover:

  • An exercise to apply consciousness non-judgment to your relationship with you, other people, your body and the earth
  • Elements of embodiment and the important role the planet and your body play in it
  • #1 sticking point in relationship dynamics that dampen your life experience – and how to change it
  • How to use the earth as a teacher
  • An exercise to connect and be present with your body and the earth for a greater sense of peace and possibility

Connect with Lauren here: www.laurenpolly.com

What impact does your daily environment have on your mind?

Ever spend an extended time out of your normal environment?

Vacations – whether it’s R&R in nature or adventuring in a faraway land –

Have the ability to unplug us from the mind chatter we’ve grown accustomed to.

The worries, stress and body tension that are so much a part of our day to day life that we accept them as a given. 

I had a wonderful compare and contrast moment recently where the quiet of my vacation gave me the sense of what was truly possible.

And the immediate whirl of my mind as soon as I returned home gave me a much-needed a-ha of what I’ve been allowing to sit in my space, busy my mind and tense up my body.

What impact does your daily environment have on your mind?

How much do you lose the space and sense of you in the midst of it?

What if you could choose peace and presence in each moment – without needing a time-out from your life?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A powerful awareness exercise to decipher where you begin and the noise of your environment ends
  • Discovery work on "emotional environmental polluters" and how to change them
  • How your choices may be colored by environmental noise – and how that may be guiding your life in inauthentic and less then yummy directions
  • #1 trick for having you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in
  • Tips on living relaxed, open, peaceful and present – and the personal power to create that comes with it!

To explore deeper work with Lauren with a 1:1 session visit https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

Is living up to your potential stunting your growth?

Being told you have potential is a mixed bag…

On one had it feels really good to have someone see what you’re capable of.

You may find it easier to move forward on a new path with this jovial encouragement. 

Seeing that possibility through the eyes of others – who aren’t doubting your ability – gives a pep to your step and a boost of “I can do this!” energy. 

On the other hand, your sense of freedom may come to a grinding halt when the words

“You’ve got potential to be this…”

Comes out of someone’s mouth – be it a friend, family member, co-worker, mentor or random stranger.

The sticky part of that statement is the “this.”

In one short sentence your infinite possibilities get defined into one very specific one. 

And unfortunately, one that you had very little in choosing…

Just think of a time where someone handed you a role that you’d be perfect for without checking with you to see if you wanted to play it in the first place!

This can stunt your growth in many different ways. 

Your freedom of expression may diminish.

Changing directions may become more difficult.

Ownership of what you’re creating may become theirs in the end.

And a measuring stick of you vs the promised potential becomes the driver of your inner dialogue… 

(Am I moving fast enough?  In the correct direction?  Am I succeeding?)

This phenomenon occurs in professional, creative and personal relationships.

One’s left to wonder…

Is it possible to be told you have potential– and receive the advice, well wishes and boosts of encouragement that come with it - while still having the freedom to choose what works for you?


Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Where the promise of potential may be holding you back – and how to un-do it!
  • How to identify where this may be impacting you in business, creation and personal relationships
  • A-ha’s on having more ease with what other people need you to be for them
  • How to open up your creative side to use your raw ingredients to create a life you love in every ten seconds

If you brought light to your shadow side what would you find?

Most of us fear we would find something that is best left hidden –

After all, that’s why we shoved it into the basement in the first place!

Our self-image is comprised of the elements that received positive reinforcement.

If people like it – it gets to stay.

If people don’t – it has to go.

With this:

Negative life events get silenced and sit unprocessed in our space.

Unique characteristics get traded for sameness so we can fit in. 

Past poor choices become secret.

Skills that weren’t acknowledged get repressed. 

And our unique interestingness that other people just didn’t get, gets judged and locked away.

The thing is, if we are only living on the positive side of ourselves then we are only half us. 

Wholeness of being is only available when we bring light to our shadow sides, release judgment and explore what was right about it in the first place.

From there amazing possibilities form –peace with yourself, authentic creation, inspiration to others and the richness of using all you’ve got to create a life you love.

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A powerful exercise to bring light to the shadows in your life.
  • How our bodies get locked up with judgment – and how to release it!
  • A key tool in flipping your perspective from wrongness to strongness.
  • A little-known fact about life that will set you free to change with ease.
  • How embracing consciousness – where everything is included and nothing is judged – including all of you! – can set you free like nothing else.    

When you almost get what you’re asking for do you settle for close enough or refine your ask?

Most of us are asking for more in our lives.

Whether that is a better relationship, a different business, creative pursuits –

We know there is more out there to explore, create and enjoy.

We make asks for this all the time – sometimes more consciously then others.

We then put our feelers out and see what comes from it.

When possibilities appear that are wildly unexpected, they can throw us a bit.

But somehow, it’s easier to say yes or no to these and move forward then it is when possibilities come our way that are ALMOST what we’ve been asking for.

It’s the “close enough” zone that trips most of us up.

It can lead to settling for less then you want, trying to make things fit when they really don’t or making yourself – and your ask! – wrong in some way.

If you are looking for more in your life and would like some practical tools on how to make it be so then this one is for you!

Tune in to discover:

  • Tools to come out of check-mark creation
  • A powerful exercise to sense the future possibilities of what’s showing up now
  • Questions for clarity when choosing to say yes or no
  • 3 Ins & Outs to asking for change and more possibilities in your life
  • Discovery work on phase 2 of creation (Most of us hang out in phase 1 forever and miss this entirely!)

Connect with me personally for deeper exploration at https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/

Do you think that anxiety is just a given in life?

It doesn't have to be! 

Relief is on the way and easier to obtain than you think...

Yes, our reality is anxiety provoking -

Whether it is the constant environmental stimulation, living up to expectations at work, relationship drama or simply tapping into "interesting" world events - 

Daily life is enough to set your mind racing and put your body on high alert!

So many of us have taken this as a given in life, a necessary evil that we can manage but never quite get rid of.

We've build so many energetic, behavioral and cognitive patterns around this that getting triggered into anxiety is way too easy.

And finding our way out is way too hard!  

I'd love to introduce you to a LIFE CHANGING tool for this.  

It has released my bigger anxieties and more subtle "worry-mind-sets" to bring lasting relief and a sense of peace and possibly.

I've used it with thousands of clients - as have others around the world - and they all report similar lovely effects...

Tune into discover:

  • Two fundamental truths that will bring clarity to what anxiety is (it's way different then you think!)
  • A quick and effective pattern interrupt for anxiety to get immediate relief
  • Ways to relax your body as it feels anxious
  • How to be aware of but not at the effect of other people and the environment
  • How to thrive in an anxiety provoking world...

Added tools mentioned in the show:

Podcast on Are You a Psychic Sponge: http://www.thelightenuppodcast.com/are-you-a-psychic-sponge/

Podcast on Clearing Your Mind: http://www.thelightenuppodcast.com/113-clearing-your-mind/

Discovery session with Lauren for more personalized relief: https://laurenpolly.com/discovery-session/




What if creating a life you enjoyed wasn't a solo path?

This universe is a plentiful place with endless possibilities to receive contribution.

But most of us struggle with letting it all in.

We get stuck in independence and pull away from the support that could take our life in a whole new direction.

Whether your life experience has taught you that you lose control, uniqueness or ownership  when you let others support you - 

Or you have received not so helpful "help" in the past - 

What if you were willing to challenge that and discover a different possibility?

There is a way to develop healthy, contributory relationships.

And more support then you could possibly imagine.

Life is easier - and more fun! - with the right company.

All you have to do is be open to receiving it...

Tune into this week's podcast to discover:

  • Downfalls of modern metaphysics, self-help and pop psychology that keep you from receiving (boundaries, protection and assertion oh my!)
  • How to create spacious working and personal relationships that truly create more for everyone
  • # 1 lie keeping you stuck in individuality vs wholeness 
  • Tools to keep your points of view from filtering out what you can receive
  • What true contribution is (it's not what you think!)

As heard in the show...  I warmly invite you to join us for Following Your Dreams, a 12-Week Program starting March 11th.  Discover a fully-supportive program designed to help you reinvent your career (& life!)  www.laurenpolly.com/blaze


Are you leaving the old to get to the new?

What if there was a simpler and easier way to grow your future?

One that didn't include divorcing what is, fight and struggle, burnout from being spread too thin or starting from scratch over and over again?

Say good-bye to shiny-object syndrome, throwing the baby out with the bathwater and the feeling of leading separate lives in all your many professional and life roles...  

Tune into this week's podcast to discover:

  • A key energy to make your day job easier as you build your side hustle or creative project - and to have them contribute to each other and your quality of life! 
  • A perspective flip to bring all of your skill sets together to create more - even if they don't match on the surface! 
  • An exercise to discover what of your old life can be used to create the new and improved version
  • An invitation to the wholeness of you when you let all your different roles come together as one...

For more info on the 12-week program featured in today's show: Follow Your Dream - It's possible even if you have a day job!  www.laurenpolly.com/blaze

What if you didn’t have to figure out your next steps before taking them? 

Blazing new trails in life can be less clear cut then we would like it to be. 

Most often there are multiple ways forward.

Some are well-worn and predictable.

Some aren’t. 

These choice points of left or right, path A, B or C, into the known or unknown bring up interesting things for all of us.

Especially when we are enticed to go down the path less traveled or defined…

The ability to tune into our awareness, intuition and gut sense is key in these moments.

The POP of possibilities of your next steps leading to greater – a better future, more enjoyable living, a more fulfilled you – are momentum makers.

But when we go to take that first step towards it our mind can start to chirp loudly stopping us in our tracks…

What if I go down this road and don’t like it?

I don’t have a concrete idea of where I’m headed – only a sense of a possibility - can I really move forward this way?

If only I could see into the future to know what lies around the bend…

Our mind, and it’s need to figure out the coming path, freeze our momentum and dulls our inner voice.

Having faith in our awareness and following it gets difficult when the mind takes over.

And saying a big enthusiastic YES to the exploration of living is near impossible.

But have no fear...  

Permission to explore WITHOUT the need to figure it out is on the way!  

Tune in to discover:

  • Key difference between consciousness knowing and mind knowing
  • Mis-identification that makes you think you are creating when you aren’t
  • The key element to following your awareness, intuition and gut sense
  • How to navigate when you can’t see the path before you

For more information on Blaze Your New Trail 12-week program go here: www.laurenpolly.com/blaze/

Are you spinning your wheels in overwhelm instead of moving forward with creation?

We all feel called to blaze new trails for ourselves or jump tracks for a better future.

Whether through a new business, creative project, relationship or self-exploration –

The pull for that new possibility is one of the most enticing things in life. 

The thing is taking the first steps along this new path is hard to do if you are overwhelmed with your current circumstances. 

When our plate feels too full, we do all sorts of evasive maneuvering to keep more stuff from being added to it. 

Unfortunately, in doing so, we don’t act on what would create that better future we are aware of.    

Instead we look at those possibilities with a “maybe someday” mindset and carry on in our normal routine.

We all want better lives.

To do more, be more, have more and enjoy more.

And we are more then capable of creating it.

Overwhelm is a lie that you are limited, your resources are finite and you have tapped out your potential.

This isn’t true!!!! 

If you are tired of having “I’d love to do that but I already have too much to do…” run your life then this podcast episode is a must listen!

Tune in to discover:

  • 3 out-side-of-the-box tools to out-create overwhelm
  • Energetic exercise to reclaim your space & growing room
  • Creative ways to stop overspending your resources (time, money and energy!)
  • Key trick to having all the energy you need to blaze a new trail for yourself

For more information on Blaze Your New Trail 12-week program visit www.laurenpolly.com/blaze/

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