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Are the relationships in your life supporting your best self?

We don’t pay enough attention to the impact our relationships have on our sense of worth, self-confidence and ability to create a life we love.

When we downplay the erosive role an un-healthy dynamic can have in our world we inevitably set ourselves up for silent stressors, energy suckers and those reactive buttons that the toxic people in our lives continually love to push.

If you are looking for a greater quality of life, feeling good in your own skin and some very practical how-tos to re-write the story of your relationships this is a must listen to episode! 

Tune in to discover:

  • Discovery exercise to gain clarity on the current health of your primary relationships
  • Simple way to change unhealthy dynamics with those in your life
  • Clarity on your “non-negotiables” and how to stand up for how you wish to be treated
  • Awareness on your baser self-viewpoints and how that may be pulling not-so-great relationships partners
  • #1 a-ha that will set you free to feel supported and nurtured in all your interactions

Join Lauren’s online workshop on this topic May 28th here: https://bit.ly/crazytobrilliant

What if every wrongness about you is actually a strongness in disguise? 

We all have brilliances that can be used to create a life we love.

But a lot of the time these brilliances are hidden, twisted and mis-understood.  Sometimes, in more extreme cases, they win us life-long labels, roles to play out and boxes that are hard to break free from.

Whether you have been exploring what’s right about you for a while and are curious what other raw material you have to play with or are just starting to release your inner enemy and blocks of the past –

This conversation will offer you tools to come out of self-judgment and embrace the path of self-exploration.

Tune in to discover:

  • 3 keys to kick start & deepen this journey of self-allowance and expression
  • How we get locked into labels, roles and “boxes” (& how to break free!)
  • Simple joys in the journey you can take even as you move through “heavy patches”
  • Examples of “wrongnesses” and how to work through them to discover their strength
  • Hope and inspiration in what else is possible for your future

Join Lauren’s online workshop on this topic May 28th here:  https://bit.ly/crazytobrilliant

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Where has other’s lack of stillness or your discomfort with stillness taken you out of a sense of yourself?

What if no matter what came at you from the outside – or up for you from in the inside - you were able to have a sense of peace, calm and possibilities in every moment?

And what the stillness you have been seeking was simply a sense of home in yourself?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A-ha’s on the constant play of the busy-ness of our minds and of our environments
  • Awareness on how we let the outside world impact out inner world
  • Tips on maintaining calm in the middle of a noisy world
  • Myths on what stillness is that has you always seeking something that doesn’t exist (and judging yourself in the process!)
  • Tools to hear your inner desires and stay “still” in that as you create your life

What lightness can you add to your living?

It’s way too easy to get mired in the heaviness of the world around us, even when on a self-discovery / conscious path...

We are taught that hard work is what produces results, solving problems is the way to freedom and that forward movement in life comes only after you remove all obstacles in your way.

This is the OPPOSITE of what is true!

It’s the lightness that sets us free and allows us to not only become who we desire to be but gives us the ability to live as that as we move through our day to day lives.

It’s by bringing clarity, honesty and non-judgment to what is really going on and what we would like to be different that allows us to start to move and change.

What if your life path could be lit by lightness and you could experience YOU in every moment along the way?

Tune into the 100th episode of The Lighten Up Podcast to discover:

  • A simple and powerful tool to realign your inner compass to lightness
  • Perspective shifts to take you away from heavy situations and into more possibilities
  • Clarity on what is really heavy – because for you it may be different then it is for others!
  • Tips on creating the possibilities you desire in your day to day life
  • Energies of relaxation, space and ease…

What can the earth teach you about maneuvering past problems into possibilities?

What if you didn’t get lost in the forest of your thoughts, fears and anxiety but were able to gain the perspective of being on the vista instead?

What possibilities and how many paths forward could you see from that expanded view?

Tune into this week’s podcast episode to discover:

  • Expansion energetic exercise with the earth to reclaim your sense of space, peace and possibilities
  • Visual technique to use in high intensity or anxious moments when you can’t see your way to the other side of upset
  • How to apply lessons from nature to your life for greater creation and a sense of the future
  • Tips on how to re-write your story moving forward – and how your choice in this moment steers it

Does navigating the changing nature of life come easy for you?

How often do you cling to your favorite moments not knowing what will come next?

So often we have moments that are snap shots of perfection; a happy family moment, a beautiful day, a new adventure, a pinnacle of success.

We are so blown away by the beauty and joy but at the same time are fearful of losing it in the next moment that will come to pass.

Body tension, control tactics, wistful longing and disappointment can follow.

How do you enjoy these amazing life moments while still being open to what’s coming next?

Tune into this week’s episode to discover:

  • Snap shots of perfection, finish lines, the good old days & how they stick us
  • #1 perspective shift to make change easier
  • How to be present in the moment while not clinging to it
  • Tools to let go of tension, control and the fear of loss

In times of financial hardship... how creative can you be?

Say good-bye to under-valuing what you have to give, blind spots that have you leaving money on the table and getting stuck in old patterns of making money that aren’t working in current times.

Tune in to discover:

  • How to see the value in what you have to give (and receive from it in turn!)
  • How not to hit the pause button on your revenue streams even as the economy slows
  • Some great examples of those who have created wealth after bankruptcy and what we can learn from them
  • Creative possibilities with money in this trying time
  • Powerful questions & an exercise you can use to open your creativity with making money
  • Practical exercise to brainstorm different revenue streams that you can move on right now

When the world's anxiety invades your space how do you regain a sense of calm and choice?

We’ve all had times of anxiety – especially given the current circumstances of the world.

That feeling when the worlds upset crosses the threshold of being “out there” and comes into our body.

Our heart-rate picks up, our breath shortens and our mind becomes a flurry of what-if scenarios.

Before you know it you’ve lost presence with your body, the current moment and the choices you have available to see your way through.

This episode has my go-to trick to reversing this “take-over” to find a sense of calm, presence and helps you regain your choice in the face of intensity (it’s much needed right now!)

In times of stress do you chose for the me or the we?

Humans are interesting creatures…

When times of lack, uncontrollable circumstances or fear come they tend towards the me world.

The helping hands, generosity of spirit and simple changes to behavior to create more the whole go away in favor of looking out for #1.

It’s a tough way to live; causing more stress, less support and at times shameful choices that go against our better nature.

What if there was a different possibility?  Even in times like these?

Tunes into this week’s episode to discover:

  • Tips on how to NOT shut down your caring, generosity or magnanimous spirit in times of uncertainty
  • A-ha’s on the havoc loss of control, fear of the unknown and lack mentality have on us (and how to not let it!)
  • Lesson’s from nature on how to modulate behaviors to contribute to all in tough times
  • Awareness exercise on hoarding behaviors that dampen your life creation and experience

How do you find yourself in the noise of life? 

Most of the thoughts, feelings, emotions & body sensations we experience aren’t ours.

They are simply our awareness of the environment and the people in it.

Now’s the perfect time to take a deep dive into this freeing concept with the most effective tool I’ve ever discovered called Who does this belong to? (from Access Consciousness)

It will help find your sense of space – and choice! – in the midst of chaos and intensity (not to mention everyday life!)

Tunes into this week’s episode to discover:

  • My favorite tool to find myself when the world gets loud and invasive
  • #1 way we stick ourselves with acute intensities and chronic problems – and how to un-do it!
  • A-ha’s on how energy works in a practical way – and how we can use it to change our behavior and though patterns
  • Awareness exercise to give you a immediate sense relief as you listen…

Have you put your creativity on the back burner?

As we grow most of us are taught that creativity isn’t an important aspect of a successful life.

We prioritize our creative whims in favor of getting through our to-do lists, achieving a goal or caring for those around us.

Very few of us place creative outlets, exploration and expression in the “must-do” category which creates all sorts of havoc on our emotional well-being. 

Get ready for some out-of-the box ways to look at life as a creative project and a big ole boost to the fun-factor in your life!

Tune into this week’s episode to discover:

  • Common pain points that come from not engaging your creativity
  • Simple ways to unlock you un-tapped creative potential
  • How to find windows of time to follow and foster your creative whims
  • How to use creativity as self-care
  • Perspective shifts on living a creative life in modern times

Where are you shutting yourself down in a attempt to relate to others?

When you are searching for a bridge into someone else’s world do you cross too far and lose the connection to your own?

If you didn’t have to adopt other’s perspectives or adapt yourself to the way people wanted you to be then what would be possible in all of your interactions?

Say good-bye to the relational dynamics that make you…

… feel like the odd man out,

… have you getting lost in the crowd or that

… stop your personal growth and expression in favor of making other’s more comfortable. 

Tune in to this wee’s episode to explore:

  • What to do – and not to do! - when you’re the odd man out in social situations
  • #1 perspective shift to help you navigate the growing pains of longer relationships
  • A fun energy to use in interactions that lets you have more ease
  • Tools to not make yourself or your relationship partner wrong as you both continue to grow and change throughout the course of life

What other aspects of your self can you share with the world?

The face we show to the world – professionally and personally – is usually only one or a few dimensions of who we truly are.

We learn to favor those images over time based on the positive or negative judgments we receive.

What if you could explore, express and be received for all that you are?

Tune into this episode to explore:

  • #1 mistake we think “being seen” is and how it makes us hide
  • Daily tips on uncovering more of yourself in a safe and supportive way
  • Ideas on bridging into more self-expression in the world
  • How to increase the intimacy in your relationships by being more authentic
  • Exploration of the diversity of your being and how that leads to richness in life experiences

Does life have to be hard before it gets easy?

If you’re a lover of problem solving, being the underdog or taking the long hard way in life then this one is for you!

What else is possible if hard work wasn’t the end-all-be-all in your life creation?  More ease please! 

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Points of pride & other hidden perspectives that make life harder than it needs to be
  • How to give up the need to understand others (and to create the same circumstances!) as a way to be empathetic
  • 2 ways other people’s perspectives of us can lead to harder work (& how not to let it!)
  • Powerful awareness exercises to make this process faster and easier
  • #1 way to create change in your life (it’s the opposite of what we’ve been doing!)

What in your life is no longer serving you? 

It’s the pruning season here in California.  Where gardeners cut off the growth of trees, appearing to strip them bare, with the goal of having them grow greater next season.

Confronting and unattractive as it may be, it adds to the health and vitality of the tree.

Creating space by releasing of the old – without judgment! – and inviting in the new is an amazing lesson from nature that we can apply to our businesses, relationships and creations. 

What in your life is asking for a pruning?  And what future can you create by letting go?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 2 perspective shifts to make the pruning process more comfortable and effective
  • How to stop judging your choices and where they lead
  • How to harness the power of the vacuum effect
  • The art of letting go…

How can you harness the power of your voice to change your life - and the world - for better?

So many of us are aware of a different way of life.  A world that is kinder, more possible and lighter to be a part of.    

There are ways to use your voices (internal, personal and creative) to realize the possibilities you have been seeking...  For your enjoyment and the enrichment of others.

Tune into this week's episode to discover:

  • Easy to use tips to find the power of your voice
  • How changing your inner dialogue is the best way to create the world you'd like to live in
  • #1 way we fight against creating something new and how to change it
  • A-ha's and inspiration on being part of something bigger (hint - you already are!)


Do you have the courage to allow the experience of life to change you?  

We are all pulled to explore, grow and change along our life path.

Yet so many of us stop ourselves short of the action and experiences that would allow that to occur.

Whether it’s our fear factor, lack of clarity or past failures we all find ourselves on the outer limits of exploration from time to time.

What if there was a way to harness your courage to go forth and experience more?

Enjoy these lessons from the Cowardly Lion for a much-needed boost when times get tough and uncomfortable…

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How to stop looking for the right time and circumstances before you take action
  • Ways to work yourself through failure, fear of change and lack of clarity
  • Tools to end the self-sabotage and perfection traps
  • How to come out of “maybe someday” mindset to live in the moment more
  • #1 energy to cultivate to allow change to be easier and way more fun

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Are your plethora of ideas causing overwhelm, confusion or inaction?

So many of us have ideas for what we could create.

These ideas can come calling at inopportune times causing a sense of overwhelm, in a disorganized download that confuses you or with so many expectations that it stops you dead in your creative tracks.

So how do you organize these ideas so that you have clarity, ease and confidence in what to chose first to get these projects – business, creative or personal – off the ground?

Tune in to this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 4 easy to follow steps to energetically and practically organize all of your ideas
  • Powerful questions to catalyzes your creative actions
  • A-has on how we unconsciously shut down our creative ideas – and paths to a different future! – due to a lack of organization
  • Daily energy and practical to-dos to bring forth your ideas in the world

BLAZE monthly membership (mentioned on the show) opens for winter registration on 1/29/20 – join the wait list to be notified when they doors open (and for more tips and tools while you wait!)  Go here to sign up:  http://bit.ly/BlazeWait

How expansive would your life be if you were willing to profit from your actions?

Profit can be a nasty word to a lot of us.

If you are a service-based professional, care-giver or just generally like to use your resources to help people it can seem counter-intuitive – almost a no-no! – to profit from what you gift.

We treat our actions as a one-way avenue – OUT – and tamp down or cut off the return flow we could be receiving.  

If you’ve been asking for a more expansive life - including your bank account! – then this is a must listen episode!

Tune in to discover:

  • How to see the value in what you gift others
  • Investor mindset and how it can assist you in choosing more expansive places to put your resources
  • Ways to “re-fill” your own tank as you gift to others
  • 2-way flow of the universe and how to open up the incoming increase your receiving

BLAZE monthly membership (mentioned on the show) opens for winter registration on 1/29/20 – join the wait list to be notified when they doors open (and for more tips and tools while you wait!)  Go here to sign up:  http://bit.ly/BlazeWait

Where does your bond with people turn into being bound to them?

Our relationships make up the fabric of our lives.  How we experience the world and the possibilities we can choose get filtered frequently through how we relate to others in our orbit.

Those relationships that are creative, fun, spacious and caring lead to a sense of open exploration and support along the way.

Those that are based in irritation, drama, false pretense or old patterns act like a tether to the past and prevent us from changing and growing with ease.

Regardless of how things are now with the people in your lives change is possible!

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • 3 steps to creating change in even the most structured relationships you have
  • How to grow personally without having to leave those you love in the dust
  • Tricks for inviting people along the ride – without forcing them to change (they just fight this if you do!)
  • The #1 thing you can change in yourself to improve all your relationships (and your life enjoyment by extension)

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