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We all have situations that we wish would go differently.

While we know we we aren't victims of our circumstances; that we always have choice.  And that our actions contribute to what is showing up...

We still get blind-sided when things don't work the way we want them to.  

What occurs for you when other's choices impact your living?

When situations outside of your control come calling?

Does your perfectionism and control-tendencies take over?

How much tension are you holding - in mind and body - as a result?

Enjoy these perspective shifts around:

  • perfect as is - not as we would have it be
  • having true control by surrounding your contrived control
  • surprising ways to release held tension, stress and negative patterns
  • how surrendering can lead to more personal power

As always, you can connect and explore more with me at www.laurenpolly.com 

When situations heat up are you able to keep your cool?  

When an empath is in health, she can see what others see. And she can use that vision to connect, inspire and create.   

An empath who is not in health feels what others feel as if it’s her own. The intensity gets overwhelming and she can easily lose her perspective and choice. 

So, what do you do when your capacity for empathy gets dialed up to 1000% in hot situations? And you lose yourself in the moment?

I recently had to work myself through this…  some surprising info has come to light as a result.  I hope it helps you next time you run into a hot head and start to become one yourself! 

Tune into this episode to discover:

  • #1 muscle to build to handle hot situations
  • Key a-ha on why you tend to match other people’s emotions rather than being yourself
  • How being pro-active with your emotional bandwidth helps you handle surprising upsets
  • Tips to use in the moment to regain your perspective and conscious choice
  • And most importantly – how to release self-judgment when your empathic abilities ran amuck

How can you approach difficult conversations without hurting the relationship – or you! – in the process?

Difficult conversations are just that - difficult.

Whether you're speaking to:

  • your boss about unfair treatment,
  • your spouse about un-met needs,
  • your employee about un-met expectations,
  • your friends / family about relationship dynamics that no longer work...

These anxiety-provoking conversations can derail quicker than you'd think. 

So how do you approach people in a way where you both get clarity, not conflict?

Where both of you and the relationship get to move ahead into smoother waters?

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • A-ha's on the energy dynamic of conflict and how to change it
  • #1 trick to diffuse a hot conversation
  • How to stop cul-de-sac thoughts leading up to the conversation (aka if they say this, I'll say that)
  • Empowerment to ask for these conversations, even if you're nervous to have them
  • Practical ways to create clarity, not conflict, to move you forward with ease
Strange times occur for all of us. Times where we can’t put our finger on “what’s up.”
Our anxiety rises, we lose interest, tempers flare, communication breaks down... In short, we just don't feel or act like ourselves.
It’s been occurring for me – and about everyone I’ve spoken to! – these past few weeks.
Tune into this episode to explore a 2-part process I’ve been using to reclaim my space during these strange times.
What lightness can you enjoy with a simple awareness exercise and conscious choice? Let's find out!

What if you aren’t lucky but aware?

We all have those times in our lives with things just fall into place. 

We attribute so much of this to luck, happenstance, synchronicity… but what if it went deeper than that?

Your ability to navigate life through conscious choice is ever present – whether you lean into it or not.  It’s a different way of living.  One of peace, possibility and going with your gut!

Tune into today’s episode to discover:

  • A key tool to unlock your conscious choice in every moment
  • A tip from Harry Potter on luck, pleasure and being at peace as you navigate ahead
  • An exercise in acknowledging where you’ve been lucky before and how to increase this daily
  • Surprising ways to lose the stress to create change easier and faster
  • A-ha’s on being at peace with where you are, where you’re going and how to get there

Feel like you’ve been working hard to change the trouble spots in your life?

Too many times, when life gets hard we respond by becoming hard ourselves.  Either in defense/deflection, to push ourselves through or to numb out...

After a while our reaction to life’s ups and downs becomes one of anxiety, hard-work and body-mind tension.

What does it take to reclaim breathing room and perspective around your “problems”? To see your way to the other side of them?

And to learn to navigate avoiding more hurdles in the future?

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • How to change your reactions from anxiety, stress and tension
  • Perspective “tricks” to get some breathing room around your problems
  • Exercise to relax – right now – and break the stress cycle
  • Little-known truths that help you “lean into” the changing nature of life
  • Ways to unravel even the most chronic upsets in your life

“It doesn’t do to dwell on dreams” says Dumbledore

At first when I heard this quote I thought it was the same old warning us dreamers get...

That isn't possible.

Get your head out of the clouds.

You should just be grateful for what you have...

From these warnings most of us think that we are wrong for dreaming of a greater living.

But after sitting with this quote I discovered a different take why it's less than ideal to dwell on dreams.

The “trouble” comes when we dwell too long in that “if only” state and never take the action to bring it about in reality.

Whether you’re desiring a different:

creative project or
overall life experience…

What steps can you take today to stop dwelling on those possibilities? And start doing the work to pull them into your life?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • Why we are too happy to dwell on dreams (and never bring them into reality)
  • Clues our fantasies can offer to our creative process
  • 3 things to do to get present and build momentum to bring dreams to reality
  • #1 thing that stops the creative process
  • Keys to building your capacity to have what you are seeking (a hidden roadblock we don’t see!)
  • A-ha’s on what you’d like your next step in life to be like – and how to make it so

Do you feel like you have to protect yourself from life?

So many of us think that we are too sensitive to live open.

Judgments, hot emotions, intense energies, unkind words – all of it can feel like knives cutting you.

We feel raw and exposed so building walls around us seems like the only way to make it through unharmed.

But what if the protection was doing more harm than good?  Like blocking you from caring deeply, taking risks, seeing clearly and responding to life in more expansive ways?

Tune in to this week’s episode to discover:

  • Why protection doesn’t work
  • Hidden causes of mental stress and body tension – and how to release it
  • Exercise to discover your strengths of caring, sensitivity and awareness
  • Releasing exercise to un-wind and re-connect
  • Keys to unlocking your creative power and choice (no matter what is going on around you)

Learn more about Lauren's Quiet Your Mind Taster Program for $27 mentioned in the show here: https://laurenpolly.com/quiet-your-mind/

How often do you lose your sense of peace when confronted with big energies?

People can be intense.  Whether you are dealing with drama-queens, anger-monsters or your run-of-the-mill judge-y folks…

Holding your own – not losing yourself in their world – can be tricky terrain to navigate.

If you’ve been feeling

  • defensive,
  • withdrawn,
  • stressed or
  • depleted

with those in your life; this episode will help you regain a sense of peace and possibilities. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

Tune in to explore:

  • Powerful questions to ask in the “heat of the moment”
  • Keys to stop reacting to others (and reclaim your power)
  • Retroactive ways to de-escalate tough situations (for more ease next time you interact)
  • How to use your body in intense situations for a greater sense of peace


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What if a simple exercise in the morning was all it took to keep anxiety away all day?

Yes, our reality is anxiety provoking -

Whether it is the:

  • constant environmental stimulation,
  • living up to expectations at work,
  • relationship drama,
  • or tapping into "interesting" world events -

Daily life is enough to set your mind racing and put your body on high alert!

So many of us have taken this as a given in life, a necessary evil that we can manage but never quite get rid of.

We've built so many patterns around it that getting triggered into anxiety is way too easy. And finding our way out is way too hard! 

This podcast episode explores one of my favorite “out-of-the-box” tools for anxiety relief.

You can do it in the morning to set your day right…

In the evening to help your mind and body quiet for a restful night…

Or in the moment when anxiety takes hold.

It’s a taste of what we’ll be exploring on my FREE live workshop on January 31st – come explore with us for more tools for an Anxiety-Free 2021!  Go here to sign up: http://bit.ly/LPanxietyfree

What if the key to knowing you could move forward was to acknowledge how far you’ve already come?

If everything is changeable then why am I still dealing with this?

I hear this all too often from folks (and experience it myself from time to time!)

We tend to only acknowledge the things in our lives that have changed in major ways.  

But we all have those things that linger or that we get snarled on time and time again. 

Whether they are born from trauma, limitation or a sense of unfulfillment; these deeper issues can seem hard to shake once and for all.

There is a key though that will free you from these sticky points.  And build trust in yourself to take that next step in your journey. 

The power of acknowledgement!

Tune in to discover:

  • 3-part exercise to acknowledge how far you’ve come 
  • #1 key in trusting yourself for what lies ahead
  • A-ha’s on the tenderest parts of ourselves and the “unchangeables” we live with (and how to have more ease with both)
  • Invitation to change through relaxation, honesty and hope

Apply for a 1:1 complimentary sit down with me to discover what we can create together in a coaching session. Click here to apply: https://laurenpolly.com/apply/

What if one bad day was one too many?

So often we chalk bad days up to a given in our world.  As if living every day in the energies we enjoy is too much to ask.

Most often this isn't a conscious choice – it’s us getting swept up by our environment and the people in it.

We match energies, mirror behaviors, adopt other’s thought processes - none of which serve our best interests.

Why?  Because we are aware.  Because we care.  And sometimes because we are so considerate of others that swaying to them seems like the nicer choice.

But what if you could hold your own in the face of intense energies?  Still be productive, responsive and engaged with others without losing you in the process?

Imagine moving through your day not having to give yourself up or fight for yourself either.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well it isn’t!  It’s just a muscle to be built. 

Join me on this week’s episode as I walk you through the why’s and the how’s.

What if you’re life was progressing even if you feel like it isn’t?

Progress – in life, business and everywhere else – is not what it seems. It’s thought that we catch a wave and ride it to the finish line in one fell swoop.

We meet THE person, find THE job, create THE business and off we go with no pause or hiccup in sight.  If only this were true…

Actually, creation / progress is more like an ocean.  It ebbs and flows; undulating with waves that carry you and lulls that steep you in stillness.  There are ups and downs and times when there is nothing to do but sit and be.

This can lead to frustration and tension as you push ahead trying to re-build momentum.  Wasting your resources and making the journey more difficult. 

Or the feeling like you should give up and try something else.  Leaving whatever you have created thus far behind before it ever has a chance to bear fruit.

But what if you were progressing even in those ‘down times’?  Could having more awareness of this process lead to more ease and choice along the way?

Tune into this week’s podcast to discover:

  • A-ha’s on the creative process in all areas of your life
  • Mindset traps that have you putting in more effort then in needed (and wasting your resources!)
  • Sneaky ways tension, stress and disappointment take us off path
  • Little known dance that helps you progress in all areas of living
  • How to trust the process – and yourself! – in all that you chose

Do you play the glad game or the judgment game?

Pollyanna gets a lot of flak. Most call her naïve, annoying or checked-out. 

Why? Because she sees possibilities where others see problems. She chooses to spend her time being grateful, not lost in a list of complaints like so many others. 

And she isn't afraid of being a bright light when others are choosing to be dull or dark with their view points. 

Most in the world play the judgment game.  Spending their day - and most of their energy - proving what they got right and fighting what they got wrong.

But not her. She doesn't get lost in their drama or suffer their limitations.

She is also a great example of happiness without "positivity." (the flip side of negativity that traps some of us in unexpected ways)

Given the state of the world - with all its judgment and polarity - this is a needed exploration right now!   

Tune in to discover:

  • The trap of positive vs negative thinking and how to get un-stuck
  • Surprising way to silence your inner critic
  • A-ha’s on hidden judgments and how it may be dampening your happy
  • Deep dive with a powerful tool from Access Consciousness to have more peace and freedom
  • Lessons from Pollyanna on being a bright light even in the face of judgment 

Learn more about Lauren's Quiet Your Mind Taster Program for $27 mentioned in the show here: https://laurenpolly.com/quiet-your-mind/

The world is loud.  But what if your mind didn’t have to be?

I know it sounds like a stretch – especially given the state of things lately! – but what if you could enjoy a sense of peace even if no one around you was? 

A-ha moment: most of our mind spin isn’t ours!  It’s simply our awareness of the world around us.   

We all have a spidey-sense (that 6th sense of what’s going on below the surface of life).  And it runs amuck sometimes.

As a result, we get too tuned into what’s around us and develop un-healthy patterns like:

  • Fulfilling other’s needs above your own
  • Overwhelmed to the point of inaction
  • Living up to what's expected of you (since that's all you can see)
  • Maintaining the status-quo

In my view, the mis-use and lack of education on this spidey sense is the main culprit of a busy, distracted mind.

The collective static of the world seeps inside us. It crosses the threshold of being someone else's and becomes your own. This is so lightning fast that it's hard to catch before it occurs!  

I’ve spent YEARS tuning my own inner navigation system away from these un-healthy patterns. And educating myself on what I was aware of beyond their surface appearance.

Not letting things cross that threshold to become something that I had to carry for others.  And not having to protect myself from it either.

I’d love to help you do the same!

Tune in to discover:

  • #1 way we let the outside world dictate our choices – and how to stop it
  • Ways to handle your awareness and sensitivity in intense moments
  • Mindset shift that will immediately let you decompress and re-connect to yourself
  • How to come out of reaction into action (this one may surprise you!)
  • Surprising a-ha on how to reclaim your creative power in life (it starts with a quiet mind!)

Learn more about Lauren's Quiet Your Mind Taster Program for $27 mentioned in the show here: https://laurenpolly.com/quiet-your-mind/

What are your rules of the road along your life path?

When making choices what principals, energies or inspiration do you check for?

Are you conscious of what will lead your life into a greater direction? Or do you chose blindly only to be disappointed by the result? 

Join me for a fun exercise on becoming more conscious of your unique “rules” to use as you navigate life. The result?  More ease, fun and possibilities (aka way less crap!)

Tune in to discover:

  • Self-discovery exercise on what drives and motivates you
  • Tips for choosing your way when you reach cross-roads in life
  • Un-expected ways to find guiding principles for your life choices (think more energy less ideals)
  • Inspiration to get clear on where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there

Check out Lauren’s own Rules of the Road on her new website for some inspiration!  Each rule has a video with a tool to help you navigate life with ease.  www.laurenpolly.com/rules-of-the-road

What if you could take off your filters and see people as who they are?  Without judgement, the need to understand them or react to their behavior?

We have a way of filtering our awareness of who people are.  Rosy colored glasses hurt our ability to see when someone doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Dark tinted glasses keep us suspect to anyone reaching out and keeps support at bay.

Both of these filters – and others we’ll talk about in this episode – keep us from having authentic connections, ease with people and to allow our relationships to evolve over time.   

Tune in to this week’s episode to discover:

  • Why you feel stifled by people – and tools to help you not to be!
  • 3 viewpoints we take that hinder our connection to others
  • #1 trick to let people evolve and your relationship with them grow
  • Ease-makers for every kind of relationship


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What if you could enjoy the creative process of your life? 

So often we get distracted by the to-do’s in our life.  Checking the boxes along our race to the finish line pulls our focus.  As a result, we miss out on the magic, beauty and possibilities along the way.

The pleasure factor of living gets left in the dust and becoming aware of off-roading adventures is really hard.

By taking time to “smell the roses” along the way you’ll start to harness a greater awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of life.

You'll also un-lock the creative power of presence (more on this in the episode!)

Tune into explore:

  • #1 key to life creation and how to cultivate it
  • How enjoyment can create ease for change
  • How to bridge the gap of what you want and were you currently are (it’d different than you think!)
  • Two perspectives you can take to stop being emotionally distracted while staying engaged
  • An invitation to seek beauty as a daily practice

Apply for a 1:1 complimentary sit down with me to discover what we can create together in a coaching session. Click here to apply: https://laurenpolly.com/apply/

What if your body was your best friend?

No matter where we go in life out body is there.  It’s the one constant.  As long as we live our body will be with us.

In that case, wouldn’t developing a happier healthier relationship to it be wise?

Whether you’re current in “fix-it-mode” (aka judgment) with your body. Nit picking on its weight, health, look and feel…

Or in radio silence with no sensation, communication or relationship at all…

This episode will help you tune in, connect and relax into the possibilities of a happy body and a happy you.

Tune in to discover:

  • A-has on the relationship dynamics of people and their bodies
  • Awareness exercise to discover where your current relationship is
  • 2 amazing and simple! tools to release body judgment and increase the awareness of your body no matter how busy your day is
  • An invitation to enjoy comfort in your own skin

Apply for a 1:1 complimentary sit down with me to discover what we can create together in a coaching session. Click here to apply: https://laurenpolly.com/apply/

Are you controlling yourself out of a happy life?

Control can show up in many different ways:

  • People pleasing – winning people over gives you a special kind of sway with them
  • Perfectionism – everything will be all right only if you're in total control of every detail (and get it just right) 
  • Domineering personality – we all know what this looks like!
  • Withdraw and victim hood – ever use this to pull people your way?

No matter what tactic you use it all boils down to you having to be in the driver seat.  Hyper-vigilant to every possible hazard on your path.  And griping the steering wheel to control every nuance of direction. 

But with this tight hold we cut out many of life’s unexpected pleasures – the off road-ing that can lead to a greater than planned destination and support along the journey.

Tune in to this week's episode to discover:

  • Surprising a-ha’s on how control can show up in your life
  • Awareness exercise to see how it may be hindering your life
  • Perspective flip on how to give up your control tactics (my fav trick!) 
  • How to dynamically increase your receiving and “not in it alone” sense of support

Apply for a 1:1 complimentary sit down with me to discover what we can create together in a coaching session. Click here to apply: https://laurenpolly.com/apply/

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